Scalamobil Available In The Chicagoland Area

Climb stairs in your own wheelchair! A perfect solution for children and adults!

Scalamobil is a battery operated portable stair climber that attaches to most manual wheelchairs. This innovative device can ascend or descend almost any type of stair from spiral staircases to wood or stone step surfaces without wear and tear.

Key Features:

  • Weighs only 54 pounds making it a compact and lightweight option
  • Can carry a maximum of 265 pounds up 300 steps on one battery charge
  • No modifications or installations to existing building structures

How it Works: With four rotating wheels at the base of the unit Scalamobil moves easily up and down steps at your pace with the adjustable speed control or with a step-by-step function. Each wheel is equipped with a safety brake that automatically stops at the edge of every step*. *Scalamobil must be used in accordance with the operating instructions.

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